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Discovery House Early Childhood Centre is a non-profit society incorporated in B.C. We began operation in January 1989 at "Big House" on Third Street in Sidney with two staff and 12 children. At its peak, Discovery House had a little campus with three neighboring houses with nearly 100 children in six different programs and 12 full-time staff. Over the years, we have served hundreds of families in Sidney and Saanich Peninsula, offering quality education and care to children from infants to Kindergarten age. We have been downsizing in recent years, and in 2019-20 we have only one group of children who will enter Kindergarten in September 2020. The overall goal of Discovery House is to provide an environment that will promote the child's optimum development in the crucial early years when rapid growth and change are greatly affected by the child's daily experiences. = Every child at Discovery House belongs to a small group. = All areas of the environment are designed to promote optimum development in the cognitive, physical, language, social/emotional and creative domains, enhanced to suit the child's age and stage of development. = All aspects of development are interrelated and the program is planned to promote balanced development of the whole child. = The staff are educated and experienced in Early Childhood Care and education. Qualifications include: E.C.E. Diploma, E.C.E. Assistant Certificate, Infant/Toddler Education Certificate, Special Needs Educator Certificate, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts. = Registration is accepted throughout the year, if a space is available. = September - June: Early childhood education and Kindergarten preparatory programs. = Discovery House is open Monday-Friday 8:30 am-4:30 pm.


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Some of the basic assumptions and tenets of our Centre: = Every child is an individual with his/her own rate and style of learning, unique approach to situations, innate capacities, genetic makeup and family experiences. = Growth takes place in orderly sequences or stages. Children move through these stages when given appropriate experiences and time. They cannot be hurried, compared or pressured if their growth is to be sound. = Play is an important way for young children to learn and enjoy. Children learn though active participation with age appropriate materials, equipment, space, uninterrupted time and nurturing adult guidance. = Each family is unique, having its own experiences, beliefs, customs and strengths. The family is the child's first important environment and our child care personnel will work in cooperation with the family.

CREDIT: Picture design on the Home Page is based on a painting by Julie Spooner, a Sidney artist and former teacher at Discovery House.