LOCATION:  10097 & 10103 Third Street, Sidney

TELEPHONE:  655-3345     EMAIL:  discoveryhouse@shaw.ca

MAILING ADDRESS:  PO Box 20004, Sidney BC  V8L 5C9

DIRECTOR:  Stephanie Schroeder



The overall goal of Discovery House Early Childhood Centre is to provide an environment that will promote the child’s optimum development in the crucial early years when rapid growth and change are greatly affected by the child’s daily experiences. = Every child at Discovery House belongs to a small group. = Each group has its own teacher and special “home” room. = All areas of the environment are designed to promote optimum development in the cognitive, physical, language, social/emotional and creative domains, enhanced to suit the child’s age and stage of development. = All aspects of development are interrelated and the program is planned to promote balanced development of the whole child. = The staff are educated and experienced in Early Childhood Care and Education. Qualifications include: E.C.E. Diploma, Infant/Toddler Education Certificate, Special Needs Educator Certificate, Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Arts. = Registration is accepted throughout the year if a space is available. = September - June: Early childhood education program. = July - August: Camp Discovery provides a daily program of “Fun in the Sun” with an emphasis on nature. = Discovery House is open Monday through Friday 7:45 a.m.-5:30 p.m. Policies, Procedures and Practices = How to Register your Child If you wish to register your child at Discovery House, you must first contact our Director, Stephanie Schroeder, by phone or email to determine if there is a space available for your child (see the Contact Us page). If there is, you can make an appointment to visit Discovery House, together with your child. You will be given a tour of our facilities and our programs and policies will be explained to you. If your child is accepted for entry into a program, you will receive forms for registration and for payment of fees. If your child is already attending Discovery House and you wish to change or update information, you may download a form and complete it. < REGISTRATION FORM (not available online at this time) < SUMMER REGISTRATION FORM < DIRECT PAYMENT FORM = Financial Policy Discovery House relies completely on fees for salaries and operating expenses. You must fulfill your financial obligation of paying fees completely and reliably for your child to be in our program. Full details of the financial policy can be found on the page Financial Policies and Procedures. = Earthquake/Emergency We practice a monthly building evacuation drill with the children. If all our buildings were to be damaged in an earthquake, our alternate meeting place is St. Elizabeth’s Church, located across the street. With safe buildings, we would simply move to our “72 Hour” program, keeping the children as calm and secure as possible. Our earthquake kits are updated on a regular basis. See our Emergency/Disaster Policy. = Parenting Education/Support We want to help you make the most of the joys and challenges of raising young children. Please don’t hesitate to ask questions of the teachers or director. We also provide a parent library, parenting workshops, and parent-to-parent support, such as our September Potluck Dinner and other special family days. = Clothing Exercise is very important to the development and overall health of young children. Outdoor play is part of our daily program. In order to enjoy and be comfortable, your child needs weather appropriate clothing (hat, jacket, splash pants, boots in wet weather, sneakers in the dry season, a sweater all year--even on sunny mornings). Indoor slippers or clean velcro sneakers should be left at your child’s cubby. Please label these items with your child’s name. = Health/Illness We need everyone’s co-operation to keep the children healthy. Please keep your child home if he/she has a fever, diarrhea, persistent cough, green nasal discharge, or shows signs of lethargy. Ensure that your child is eating healthy foods and getting 10 - 12 hours of sleep every night. = Safety/Security Your child needs to know you trust the teachers at Discovery House and that you are a reliable, trustworthy parent. To ensure this, be sure to drop-off/pick-up your child with a teacher at the pre-arranged time, sign your child in/out each day and phone if your child will be absent. = Drop Off/Leaving All children need to arrive by at least 9:30 a.m. on a daily basis. This allows children to participate in stimulating developmental activities and important events/celebrations. It also ensures that groups have a balanced child/teacher ratio. If on occasion your child has an appointment (ie. doctor/dentist) that will necessitate late arrival, please let us know by phone in advance. If you find that you require a later starting day on a regular basis (ie. after 9:30 a.m.), perhaps a home care program will better meet your family’s needs. If your child arrives late s/he still needs to be picked up at the regular time. When you leave your child with us in the morning, the best method is to assure your child he/she will have a great day, give one big hug and then leave! Do not keep the goodbye going as this makes things very confusing for your child. Remember, children do cry. It is a form of communication that does not necessarily mean they are sad. Tears may indicate anger, frustration, temper, attention seeking, or fear. Tears disappear quickly and do not carry the emotional impact that adults may feel. If you are concerned, phone back and we’ll let you know how your child is doing. Generally, it takes about 2 minutes for a child to get distracted or interested in an activity. = Pick-Up Please be consistent with the pick-up time you arranged with the director at registration. This is important in order to enhance your child’s feeling of security and to ensure that our child/staff ratio is maintained. LATE PICK-UP RATES of $5.00 per half-hour or less will be charged at time of late pick-up. = Sign In/Sign Out Be sure to sign the time sheet on arrival and departure. This provides us with a written record of who is here, and verification of our visual count. It also ensures you are billed correctly. = Food Discovery House provides healthy morning and afternoon snacks such as fruit, vegetables, crackers, etc. Lunch - Send your child’s food in re-useable containers that fit in a small lunch kit. Some simple lunch ideas are a sandwich, cheese and crackers, fruit, vegetables, and yogurt. Do not send sweets as we will send them back home. If your child is bringing home food daily, cut back on the amount you send in the lunch kit. = Quiet Time If your child sleeps, s/he will be provided with a sleeping mat. Please provide a fitted crib sheet and small blanket clearly labeled with your child’s name. Older children will have a “body break” time when they will listen to stories and/or soft music. Please provide a small blanket clearly marked with your child’s name.